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Tibet Nagqu Cordyceps Sinensis (120 pieces)


Cordyceps Sinensis produced in Tibet Nagqu, because of the high nutritional value, and is the unique chinese herbs that can balance and adjust yin and yang at the same time, so often become the first choice of therapeutic food!

The effect of Cordyceps Sinensis: promote metabolism, help replenish, cure the liver and kidney, clean blood, stay healthy, enhance kidney, enhance eyes, lower blood pressure blood fat, improve immunity

Treatment method: washed the Cordyceps Sinensis with clean water

Premiun Cordyceps Militaris

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Cordyceps Militaris are rich in nutrients, in addition to protein, 18 kinds of amino acids, 12 kinds of vitamins several times higher than other mushrooms: cordycepin, glycol, SOD, polysaccharides and other ingredients. Cordyceps oxalic acid and cordycepin can be integrated to regulate the human environment, enhance the function of macrophages in the body, enhance and regulate the body's immune function, improve the body's resistance to disease, and unique taste is suitable for dish and soup. Plus the nature of Cordyceps Militaris is peaceful, so it is suitable for most people, old and young in the family can enjoy together!

Effect of Cordyceps Militaris: antioxidant, prevention of aging, antibacterial anti-inflammatory, cold and dry, stop cough, lower blood pressure and blood sugar, lung / kidney / liver protection, enhance immunity, relieve tracheitis and nasal sensitivity, soothing vertigo / tinnitus / cough problem

Suggested Soup: Cordyceps Militaris Lily Fig Soup
Materials: Cordyceps Militaris, lilies, figs, pork shank
1. If you use dried lilies, soak in warm water for 2 to 3 hours, if fresh lily, washed and cut into pieces.
2. The figs are cut in half.
3. Pour all the ingredients into the pan, cook with high heat until bubbly and turn to medium-low heat for 45-60 minutes.
4. Add a moderate amount of salt seasoning before serve.
Effect: good for Spleen and Lung, rest better
Treatment method: wash with cold water before use

Hokkaido Dried Scallop (M)

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Buying Dried Scallop must choose Hokkaido Dried Scallop, fresh and fragrant, a port with mass productionrich of Dried Scallop. Dried Scallop has a unique seafood flavor, simple soup, porridge and steamed eggs, has become a gourmet cuisine. Dried Scallop has rich protein, nourishing blood, suitable for most people, old and young in the family can enjoy together!

Codonopsis Pilosula

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Codonopsis Pilosula can replenish blood and enhance the effect of resistance. What is the difference between big and small Codonopsis Pilosula? To understand what the difference, first of all we need to know it is actually the root of the plant, the coarser meaning it growth longer time in the soil, of course, the higher the nutritional value, so the price will be higher. If you diligently take it every day, cheaper Codonopsis Pilosula will be good enough, if you only eat it once a while, the expensive Codonopsis Pilosula will show you the effect quickly.

Dried conch

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QingHai Wild Black GoJi

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Because Black GoJi with high anthocyanins, which are even better than normal GoJi, so they were very popular in the past few years. Modern people spend a long time on the phone and computer, Black GoJi haver very good benefit for eyes.

Effect of black GoJi: anthocyanins are 20 times higher than blueberry, antioxidant, anti-aging, anti-cancer

Suggested soup: Brew about 1 tablespoon of Black GoJi with 60 degrees of water everyday.

Dehydration Wood Mushroom

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Dehydration Wood Mushroom are planted with natural trees, the mushroom scent is rich, refreshing, and the nutritional value is high. Dehydration Wood Mushroom are rich in protein, amino acids, carbohydrates and minerals. Good for Spleen and Stomach, enhance the body's immunity. The high quality Dehydration Wood Mushroom are meat thick and light colour, uniform color, dry body with obvious pattern.

Premium Sun Dried Huai Shan

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What's good about Sun Dried Huai Shan? Sun Dried without bleaching, dyeing and no ryuke, directly dried with fresh Huaishan, healthier and more beneficial. Huaishan can benefit spleen and stomach, good fit for young and old. Can improve spleen and stomach by cooking porridge for children.

Huaishan's effect: nourishing yin, enhancing metabolism, benefit for spleen and lungs, improve spleen and stomach weakness, long-term excretion, curing of pulmonary gas, drainage of urine frequency, increased appetite, help digestion, promote intestinal peristalsis and defecation, prevent toxins, pustic build-up, prevent fat deposition, maintain vascular elasticity, spleen asp, and endeastic

Suggested soup:
1. Green Red carrot Huaishan soup
Green carrot 1, carrot 1, Huaishan 5, Xishi bone $20, 2 kg water, boil for 2 hours
2. Huaishan Meat Porridge
1/4 cup rice, Huaishan 2, minced meat a little, water 2 bowls, boil for 1 hour

Thailand Dried Longan

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Thailand Dried Longan are large, thick and complete, smell of fresh fruit, used for making soup is extremely sweet.

The effect of Dried Longan: can benefit Heart, Spleen, blood and rest well. Good for lack of blood, anxiety, forgetful insomnia, blood withering.

Suggested soup:
1. With hawthorns and GoJi (good for digest, Liver and eyes)
2. With chrysanthemums and GoJi (clear body fire and good for eyes)
3. With Ginseng tea (good for blood and heart, help rest well)
4. Dried Longan south north apricot stew snow fungus (clear heat and moisturizing)

TianJin Dried Pear

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Dried Pear produced in TianJin are juicy and sweet, it is dried with the top pear, will not be too cold, and good for Lung, stop coughing clear sputum, good effect for blood and muscle.

The effect of Dried Pear: prevent thirsty, good for Lung and Throat

XinJiang Dried Red Dates

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The effect of Dried Red Dates: beauty face, protect liver, effectively improve the cold hands and feet, long-term drinking can warm face (red face), rest well

Suggested soup:
3 Dates Tea (South Dates, Red Dates, Golden Silk Dates)
Simple and convenient, 1 South Dates, 1 Red Dates (denuclear), half Golden Silk Dates mix with hot water