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Premium Sun Dried Huai Shan

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What's good about Sun Dried Huai Shan? Sun Dried without bleaching, dyeing and no ryuke, directly dried with fresh Huaishan, healthier and more beneficial. Huaishan can benefit spleen and stomach, good fit for young and old. Can improve spleen and stomach by cooking porridge for children.

Huaishan's effect: nourishing yin, enhancing metabolism, benefit for spleen and lungs, improve spleen and stomach weakness, long-term excretion, curing of pulmonary gas, drainage of urine frequency, increased appetite, help digestion, promote intestinal peristalsis and defecation, prevent toxins, pustic build-up, prevent fat deposition, maintain vascular elasticity, spleen asp, and endeastic

Suggested soup:
1. Green Red carrot Huaishan soup
Green carrot 1, carrot 1, Huaishan 5, Xishi bone $20, 2 kg water, boil for 2 hours
2. Huaishan Meat Porridge
1/4 cup rice, Huaishan 2, minced meat a little, water 2 bowls, boil for 1 hour