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White Powder Mask (7 Ingredients)

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Polished by a registered Chinese Physician in Hong Kong (to ensure freshness, polish after placing an order, so will mail out after about 1 to 2 weeks, please be noted)

White Powder Mask is used in Chinese Court, can whitening light spots, remove yellow spots on face, acne and other problems.

White Powder Mask ingredients: Atractylodes, Dahurian Angelica, Bletilla, Ampelopsis, White Poria Cocos, White Peony and White Pearl powder. In order to strengthen the whitening effect, add White Pearl powder, White Pearl powder contains 18 kinds of amino acids require by our body, strengthen the anti-inflammatory effect of White Powder Mask, to achieve deep whitening, all natural, safe to be use.

How to use: White Powder Mask 1 tablespoon with pure water or toner about 2 tablespoons, mixed and put on face for 15-20 minutes then water off, will be slightly dry after use, can added honey or fresh milk to moisturize the skin.

Please be noted: Due to the light sensitivity of Dahurian Angelica, please try to use it during night time.