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Fallopia Multiflora Black Bean Powder

$如欲購買/查詢 可whatsapp 93113538或瀏覽

Polished by a registered Chinese Physician in Hong Kong (to ensure freshness, polish after placing an order, so will mail out after about 1 to 2 weeks, please be noted)

Size: 300g (about 25 times)
Materials: Green black beans, Fallopia Multiflora

Many friends have encountered the trouble of gray hair and hair loss, Chinese medicine believes that the hair and blood are correlated, the cause of gray hair and hair loss beside congenital factors, diseases and moody, one of the main reasons is liver and kidney deficiency, caused of blood loss. Therefore, food therapy can be supplement the liver and kidneys, beneficial and conditioning the blood.

Effect: to supplement the liver and kidneys, benefit for spleen and reduce swelling

How to eat: mix 1-2 tablespoons with hot water. Can also be cooked with milk, soy milk, oat-flakes or porridge.