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Indonesian Croaker Fish Maw (80 per catty)

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Croaker Fish Maw is the fish maw of a valuable small fish species called "Nibea Albiflora", and it is generally very small, more than 1 to 2 liang are extremely rare, normal size is around 5 to 30 grams, mainly from Indonesia, Thailand and Bangladesh. Indonesian-produced Croaker Fish Maw has the best anti-wrinkle effect. The Croaker Fish Maw produced in Vietnam are less good. The shape of the Croaker Fish Maw produced in different countries are about the same, the shape are mainly depend on how people cut the fish maw. If the fish maw cut open and dried flat will be called a "Flake", and the fish maw dried without cut open will be called "Cone". Because the Croaker Fish Maw (Nibea Albiflora) and the light-colored Croaker Fish Maw (Nibea Coibor) is very similar, so need to carefully identify the real Croaker Fish Maw.

Croaker Fish Maw is very good for pregnant women and raising a fetus. It has the effect of control hemorrhage, promote wound healing, good for skin, treatment of stomach pain and lower back pain.