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Nearby attractions

Lascar Row

If your home is missing that final finishing touch, how about a piece of rare Ming dynasty furniture, an ancient snuff bottle or a Cultural Revolution propaganda poster? Upper Lascar Row – known as Cat Street – is where you can find such treasures, within its fantastic congregation of antique dealers, curio merchants and art galleries. This is also the place to go for bargains in jade, silk products, embroideries and wooden handicraft items.
Did you know?
Indians in the British military were referred to as 'lascars'. Many lascars came to Hong Kong during its early colonial days to work in the police force. A small community of indians grew around Upper Lascar Row, where the police headquarters were located. By the 1920s, the neighbourhood bazaar had evolved into a market for antiques and second-hand items. Later, it became known as a place that sold stolen goods. In Cantonese, stolen items are called 'rat goods' and the people who buy them are called cats - hence its nickname 'Cat Street'.

Address:Hollywood Road and Upper Lascar Road, Sheung Wan, Hong Kong Island
How to get there
MTR Central Station, Exit D2. Turn right onto Theatre Lane and walk along Queen's Road Central towards The Center. Then take the Central–Mid-Levels Escalator to Hollywood Road.

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The SoHo

The SoHo (Chinese: 蘇豪; also 荷南 and 荷南美食區; formally 中環蘇豪區) district in Hong Kong is an entertainment zone located in Central and bordering between Lan Kwai Fong and Sheung Wan, within Central. The name is derived from its location: South of Hollywood Road.

Referring to the area south of Hollywood Road, SoHo is the multicultural wine, dine and swanky nightlife side of Central. The upmarket bars and exotic restaurants of SoHo’s historic and narrow streets are chic to the extreme.

Come during the day to explore the neighbourhoods attractive fashion boutiques, art galleries and antiques shops. Indulge in lunch and a glass of vino or hang around for sundown, when SoHo really comes into its own.

How to get there
MTR Central Station, Exit D2, walk along Queen's Road Central towards The Center. Then take the Central–Mid-Levels Escalator and get off at Staunton, Shelley or Elgin streets.

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Dried seafood is a common ingredient in Chinese cooking and traditional tonics, and in Hong Kong, this trade is clustered around a section of Des Voeux Road West in Sheung Wan, commonly known as Dried Seafood Street.

Up to 50 years ago the area was dominated by salted fish stores, when workers would dry their products on rooftops, sell them on the ground floors and live on the floors in between. As the area became more residential, businesses expanded their sales pitch to include more high-end and auspicious options, including the Chinese banquet favourite abalone.

Today, these shops sporting strange and exotic fare are fantastic insights into local food and health culture. In the mornings, trucks line the street replenishing the shops, which soon become choked with housewives inspecting the likes of black moss, dried snakeskin, dried sausage and expensive dried scallop. The street is particularly lively in the run up to Chinese New Year when households are preparing for festive banqueting.

The nearby streets of Wing Lok and Ko Shing specialise in ancient Chinese tonic foods – mostly ginseng and bird’s nest – which are believed by some to hold the key to a better complexion, more energy and a longer life.

How to get there
MTR Sheung Wan Station Exit A2. Walk towards Queen's Road Central via Hillier Street.
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The Man Mo Temple

The Man Mo Temple is a picturesque tribute to the God of Literature (Man) and the God of War (Mo), both of whom were worshipped by ambitious students looking to succeed in the civil examinations of Imperial China. These involved rigorous systems aimed at finding the best administrative officials for the state.
Built in 1847, this remains the largest Man Mo temple in Hong Kong. To pause for a moment’s respite under its giant hanging incense coils makes for a pleasant contrast with the hectic pace of the nearby financial district.
Man Mo Temple is part of a complex that also includes the areas Lit Shing Kung and Kung Sor. Lit Shing Kung was created for the worship of all heavenly gods, while Kung Sor, built to the temple’s west, was an important assembly hall where community affairs and disputes were often discussed and settled.
In 1908, the temple was officially entrusted to the Tung Wah Group of Hospitals. It was listed as a Grade I historic building in 2009 and is preserved as a Declared Monument.

Address:124-126 Hollywood Road, Sheung Wan, Hong Kong Island
Tel:+852 2540 0350
How to get there
Bus 26 outside Pacific Place at Admiralty to Hollywood Road and get off near Man Mo Temple.
MTR Central Station Exit D2 and turn right to Theatre Lane. Walk along Queen's Road Central towards The Center. Then take the Central—Mid-Levels Escalator to Hollywood Road.
MTR Sheung Wan Station Exit A2 then walk along Hillier Street to Queen's Road Central. Then proceed up Ladder Street (next to Lok Ku Road) to Hollywood Road to the Man Mo Temple.
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The Central and Western District Promenade (Central Section)

The Central and Western District Promenade (Central Section) is located at Lung Wo Road, Hong Kong, which covers an area of around 3.97 hectares.  The venue links up to the Tamar Park and Central Piers.  The facilities of the venue had been open for public use in phases since December 2012 to January 2014. The facilities include pet garden, plaza, kiosk, leisure angling ancillary facilities, garden benches, arbours and toilets facilities (including accessible toilets).

Sunny Stroll Along Victoria Harbor-Walk along the Hong Kong side of Victoria Harbor in Sheung Wan district and you’ll find few people and great views. This is where the locals and expats go to relax, exercise, or socialize. There is a lot of sun to be had on the Sheung Wan promenade and while there are trees and benches the lining most of the way, keep those sunglasses handy. Both day and night you’ll find photo worthy views of fisherman, boats, and the Kowloon skyline.

Admiralty Station Exit A
Bus :
2, 12A, 12M, 18, 111, 260, 301, 302, 307, 307A, 373, 511, 590A, 601, 601P, 641, 680A, 680P, 681P, 692, 692P, 720, 720A, 720P, 722, 780, 780P, 788, 905, 914, 914X, 934, 935, 948, 948P, 948X, 960, 960S, 961, 968, 962B
Mini Bus :
10, 24A, 24M, 31, 56A
Few minutes' walk from Central Piers
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