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Japan Superior Dried Abalone (16 per catty)


Japan Superior Dried Abalone smooth taste strong, chewy and with sugar heart, plus golden color, shaped like YuanBao, especially suitable for festive scene. Japan Superior Dried Abalone is very famous, all because of the Japanese abalone technology is good, each with sugar heart. How to tell the difference between Japan Superior Dried Abalone? The Japanese practice is to hang abalone up for the sun dry, so each abalone head and tail have a clear needle hole, and vaguely see traces of the hanging line. Abalone is graded by size, usually 15 abalones per catty, the price has been over HKD30k, very expensive. When selected, abalone with YuanBao shape as excellent, able to smell the seafood fresh, can see through the body under the light, on the above as the best products.